Opulence Matt WHITE Room Diffuser 200ml

The Opulence matte white 200ml glass bottle makes  quite a statement to your home. Choose from several blended fragrance choices .

Lux Lumiere diffusers make the perfect gift for a friend, a thank you to someone special or simply as an enhancement to your home lasting up to approximately 3 months. Our classic and simple designs ensure that they fit seamlessly into any room, adding atmosphere along with the most welcoming aroma. 

Whilst diffusers are relatively care-free, they still need to be used with caution:

Be careful whilst taking the safety cap out of the bottle to ensure that no oil escapes onto the bottle itself or any other surfaces/objects around.  Most diffusers will take a few hours to draw the fragrance through. When you feel that the fragrance needs a boost in strength simply turn the reed to get a stronger aroma. Ensure that diffusers are kept away from open flames at all times. Never attempt to light them. Do not display the diffuser directly on polished, finished or fabric surfaces as damage can occur if the liquid is split. Keep out of reach of children and pets at all times.


Opulence Matt WHITE Room Diffuser 200ml

Lux Lumiere Candle Factory
2020-06-10 GBP
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